Fear of Terror

Unknown-1I was going to take my time with the blog posts that I write because I want to slowly inform the readers of my blog about what I have learned, so that others will know the same. Unfortunately due to the events in Paris, France I find the need to have to write a blog post so that I can help create awareness within myself as well as those around me.

There are many around the world who will embrace those that are called leaders because they are afraid. They lack knowledge about themselves and about that which is around them. They don’t understand the connection with all the leaders of the world and their true intentions and agenda. These leaders aren’t the TRUE leaders running the world, they are speaking pieces put into place within each country to control the population and to manipulate true chaos from happening.

The chaos that the world learned about last night and today is not TRUE chaos. It is manufactured so that the certain agendas and order can be created. The leaders of this world are as afraid as most of the population regarding true chaos. True chaos cannot be controlled or manipulated but learned from which then creates natural order. The terror attack in Paris, France is no different than 9/11. 9/11 didn’t do anything to bring peace into the world. It was a failure in the eyes of the public but not in the eyes of the dark occult and high level Satanists. It is about taking away more freedom and making further slavery in the world.


The most tragic part of what happened last night is not the physical attack but the psychological attack that happened however it wasn’t a psychological attack on just those in Paris, France but throughout the world. Now due to the fact that people have never taken the time to learn about themselves, they will be victimized by those who have learned about psychology and how the human works as well as functions. I can’t bear to think about the next coming days, weeks, months, and years of what tyranny will be created from this. How many dupes and fools will stay silent while more and more tyranny is given to them. Such fear in the minds but also expressed externally.


We as human beings are to blame for this attack that happened last night because we haven’t taken the time to learn about ourselves and about that which is going on in the world. We are completely afraid of not just ourselves but that which is around us. We don’t want to take responsibility and accountability, we want to just allow these psychopaths to continue to push forward the agenda that they have for us because let’s be honest, they hate all life. I’m going to post a picture of a basic understanding of the human brain and what it does.


As you can see from the basic understanding, there is a survival mindset, emotional, and high order thinking. When an attack like this happens, those who are unaware of themselves will be trapped in R-complex. These type of human beings will beg for safety and security, they will not be able to see the patterns of what is going within and around them and therefore will ignore it all. They will be powerless to help themselves. Now for the police and military because they are also in the R-complex of the brain, they will follow whatever orders are given as long it makes logical sense based on their lower level of knowledge and awareness. I used to be one these as well, 9/11 paralyzed my mind and made me convinced that government had the answers that they were going to help. Look around you, does anything look better? I bought a package of lies however now I want to get out of the prison that I have created for myself.

One last thing, there is mind control going and social engineering. The attack that happened is mind control. If a group of human beings have awareness of themselves and that which is around them, they will be harder to control. The masters of this universe don’t want true awareness to happen, it would cost them a high price for it. They will lose everything that they have built and created for the thousands of years that they have been in power.

Sun Tzu %22Know You and your enemy%22

I will leave my post with a powerful documentary that I watched a couple of months ago and suggest anyone to watch this as it will help the understanding of things that have and will happen. May peace be found within you during this period of fear that has been manufactured.


Soldiers ARE victims, not Heroes.

“Telling the truth and making someone cry is better than telling a lie and making someone smile” – Paolo Coelho

For many in North America on November 11, 2015, they will remember or be told to remember the fallen heroes that have perished in wars including World War 2. Many of whom that will participate in this “Satanic ritual” do not understand to the fullest of what is being done to the planet and humanity in general. It is very sad to see that human beings have been conned to fight someone else’s war and to have perished because of it. There is nothing to celebrate when it comes to the suffering of other human beings and there is nothing to celebrate when it comes to the fact that ALL global conflicts have got nothing to do with freedom and liberty.

The only reason why men and women fight wars isn’t because their own freedoms and liberty have been taken away by a foreign country or people but due in part because their rulers and masters convince those in low levels of awareness and spirituality that what they are doing is right by fighting in the military. Still to this very day, young men and women are being manipulated to fight wars that they shouldn’t be in and they are helping advance further control of the planet and humanity in large. A great way to manipulate people in joining war is by creating poverty and then telling those who are suffering from poverty that the only way out is to get a job in the military. During Vietnam, young men and women weren’t asked to join but it was mandatory to join and yet there will be some who will say that it was for freedom and liberty. To make something mandatory violates freedom and liberty.

For those who support the soldiers of their country and celebrate in this ritualistic ceremony, would you be willing to shoot another human being because someone told you that they were bad? Even if you never saw that other human being harm you in any way? Now when war happens both sides are being played off each other so both are convinced that the other is the enemy and they shoot one another until the other side loses, but who really loses because from what I have gathered the only people losing are the ones who actually fight these wars not those that are in the high levels of authority.


Since I brought up the word “authority”, lets talk about that for a second. What is an “authority” but nothing more than an AUTHOR of something. When you think of an author, you think of a book. You don’t think of someone who gives orders or writes laws for others to obey but someone who is a writer. The question should be asked, do you want someone else to write your own destiny or do you want to be in charge of that? What is freedom and liberty if one chooses to not take control over their own lives and become their own author?

What I am about to say may upset some because they could never conceive of something this evil or possible. The military is ALWAYS mocked on a daily basis for their low level awareness and spirituality. Here is a quote from Henry Kissinger, “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”  Those who are unread and don’t desire knowledge because they lack true care and courage, can and will be manipulated. Soldiers don’t wear dog tags for nothing. Again, take a moment to think about the quote from Henry Kissinger and notice the link with the word “dog tags” that all soldiers wear.  Leaders or you can call them their true word “Masters of The Universe” are not unread individuals like most of us. They don’t spend time worshipping movies, music, TV, and other forms of entertainment. They are well read individuals who desire to learn and know things because as the saying goes “Knowledge is power” however it is through ACTION that it becomes powerful. Their action is about manipulating the masses into believing anything and then having these low level aware human beings do what they are told.

The solution to this problem that I mentioned is saying the word “NO” and having the courage and bravery to say it. If soldiers were to do this on a massive scale, you would see a shift in the change of what goes on in the world. No war can happen without the consent of those who participate in it. To say nothing is to simply say YES to it. Silence is consent to evil and so is ignorance. This is time for humanity to collectively come together and say that we aren’t going to have this anymore. Instead of having a holiday to celebrate DEATH and the manipulation of human beings to be divided and conquered to fight another, human beings should come together and have a holiday called “OPT-OUT DAY”. Until we collectively opt out, a Satanic world will continue to be built.

For those who would like to know about what mess we really are in, check out two books by the author Jim Marrs, “Rise of the Fourth Reich” and “Rule by Secrecy”. These two books alone can branch out into more information that can help on the spiritual journey to truth. Another great source is Mark Passio. His website is http://www.whatonearthishappening.com as well as his talk regarding the Satanic and dark occult mockery of the police and military. 

The journey begins….

This is my first blog ever. I don’t know much about blogging other than that knowledge and information can be shared with the world and that is why I am doing this. I am hoping that with doing this blog over a long period of time, that I will get better at this as with any other type of skill that is learned.

The world and humanity is in big trouble if humans don’t change the course of direction that we are heading in. This blog is a spiritual journey for me because it is where I get to post knowledge that I have learned  and therefore sharing it with others and hoping to get to TRUTH. This blog isn’t meant for those who aren’t interested in learning and therefore not wanting to go onto the spiritual journey that leads to TRUTH. I am sure that at one point or another, one of the posts that I may make will offend someone. TRUTH doesn’t give a damn about you or what your beliefs and attachments in life are. TRUTH is what has happened and what is happening right now. The only way to TRUTH is through knowledge. Believing in something or having something said to you that makes you feel good, DOES NOT make it true. The reason to learn and know TRUTH is because it will empower and help humanity prosper in the future.

I look forward to this new journey that I have decided to take and hope that my information will help others that read this.

– Aaron